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Filecoin Packaging Management System
A Tool to Improve Storage Efficiency
The Filecoin Packaging Management System is an efficient tool designed specifically for the Filecoin storage network. It aims to help users improve storage efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline the entire packaging process. Whether you are an individual user or a business user, our system provides comprehensive packaging management features to easily manage and optimize your Filecoin packaging process.
Key Features Include
Simplified Management
Our system offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows you to easily manage and monitor your "production materials" and storage status. You can view order delivery status, data and pledge coin information, as well as packaging progress, all at your fingertips.
Data Management
As one of the production materials, the system provides online management solutions for cooperative data, swapped data, and sold data. There is a unified management dashboard for all data, and the system ensures a one-to-one correspondence with the downloaded real datasets, making it easy to understand the current data situation.
Pledge Coin Management
As another production material, the system provides various channels for managing pledge coins, such as institutional borrowing, independent node pledge coins, self-issued pledge coins, and pledge coins provided by other clients. This allows us to have a clear understanding of the pledge coins required for the entire packaging process.
Automated Scheduling and Packaging
The system provides automated scheduling based on orders, pledge coins, data, and capacity. It generates scheduling plans and automatically switches nodes for packaging, greatly improving packaging efficiency.
Packaging Monitoring
The system provides real-time updates on packaging progress and offers different modes of progress query functions to monitor the entire packaging process. In case of insufficient production materials, the system provides warning alerts. We also provide detailed dashboard data related to packaging, including daily packaging volume and a comparison chart of theoretical capacity, making it easy to track packaging progress in real-time.
The Filecoin Packaging Management System is an ideal tool for improving packaging efficiency and reducing costs. It makes your packaging experience more convenient and efficient!
Filecoin Node Management System
Master the Nodes, Harness the Future of Storage!
The Node Management System is an efficient and intelligent node management tool designed specifically for the Filecoin network. As a decentralized storage network, Filecoin relies on nodes worldwide to store and retrieve user data. Our Node Management System aims to help you easily manage and monitor your Filecoin nodes, providing comprehensive management and monitoring features to ensure stable operation and efficient management of your node devices.
The system has the following
key features
Node Management
The system provides comprehensive node management functions, including adding, deleting, modifying nodes, and managing node-client relationships. Users can easily manage nodes, reducing the complexity of document or script management and improving work efficiency.
Node Monitoring
The system can monitor the real-time status and sealing situation of nodes, including daily sealing status, sector and expiration status, daily reward status, daily GAS consumption, and node balance. Users can view the running status of nodes through intuitive interfaces and charts, promptly identify and resolve potential issues, and improve node stability.
Node Daily Report
The system generates a daily report on node operation, comparing it with network-wide metrics. It mainly includes statistics on daily block losses, sector, penalties, abnormal GAS, etc., allowing node operators to view and annotate the reasons and solutions
Node Settlement
The system provides flexible configuration for node settlement, allowing different rates and settlement periods based on different node configurations. The system will automatically generate settlement bills based on the configured expiration and send them to node owners, facilitating the calculation of monthly earnings for enterprise users managing multiple nodes.
Our Filecoin Node Management System will provide you with an all-in-one node management solution, helping you better manage and optimize your Filecoin nodes. Whether you are an individual miner or an enterprise user, it can help improve work efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance service quality. Let us assist you in achieving greater success in the Filecoin network.