AI Ecosystem
Model fine-tuning and inference
Product Advantages
Model resources for multiple cutting-edge application scenarios
Converging advanced machine learning and deep learning models in professional fields, providing a one-stop service for model exploration experience, inference, training, deployment and application.
Discover, learn, customize and share the most interesting and meaningful model-driven products.
IDC Site Selection
The security and privacy protection of user data has always been our goal, ensuring the safe transmission and processing of data during model fine-tuning and inference processes, guaranteeing data reliability.
Intelligent reasoning is more accurate
With the help of advanced AI algorithms, our product can perform deep inference, providing more accurate and intelligent solution services.
Highly Customized
Customizable model fine-tuning service, allowing you to make personalized configurations based on specific business needs and datasets.
Application scenarios
AI Painting
Text-to-Image is currently a hot branch in AIGC. AIGC refers to AI-generated content, which is content created by AI, and it's a new type of content production method following UGC (User Generated Content) and PGC (Professional Generated Content).
Image Quality Enhancement
Perform pixel-level processing on images and videos to enhance their display effects in the human visual system.
Cartoon Comics
A multi-style image harmonization model based on various technical solutions (Stable Diffusion, DCT-Net). The model's second-level efficiency supports the generation effects of multiple styles, greatly reducing time and manpower costs.
Product Advantages
Data Processing and Cleaning
Relying on partners' services with many years of in-depth research in data processing and cleaning technology, it automatically identifies and cleans up abnormal or duplicate data, ensuring the quality of text, image, audio and video, multimodal and scientific computing data.
API Interface and SDK Service
Provides a rich set of model invocation APIs and SDK toolkits, making it easy for developers to integrate and develop custom applications quickly.
Model Training and Fine-tuning
Provide user-friendly interface products; users can import or add private datasets and more easily carry out model training and fine-tuning to adapt to different business scenarios. At the same time, it provides intelligent inference and analysis services. Through rapid processing and inference of large amounts of data, it has deep analysis and insights to help enterprises make wiser decisions.