Block Storage
Object Service
AI Ecosystem
Greater Block Storage
Application Scenario
Massive Data Analysis and Processing
The near-end computing data requires high-performance reading support, and the demand for storage throughput is extremely high. GBS has excellent multi-threading access capabilities to cope with TB/PB level offline data processing. It is widely used in fields such as data analysis, data mining, and business intelligence.
Product Advantages
Data Persistence
Based on the multi-replica mechanism, it provides data persistence of nine nines
High Efficiency Performance
A single disk supports up to 130,000 IOPS and 1000MB/s
Easy to use
You can manage and use block storage through simple operations such as creation, mounting, unmounting, and deletion, saving the cost of manual management deployment
Elastic expansion
A maximum of 32 TB is supported on a single disk, and the capacity and performance can be expanded flexibly
Product Features
Diversified enterprise block storage characteristics
Provide traditional enterprise-level SAN storage features such as cloud disk encryption, elastic expansion, and shared mounting to meet the seamless migration of offline businesses.
Product Features
A wide range of product types
Provides various types of disks such as NVMe SSD local disk, SATA HDD local disk, etc., to meet the needs of different business scenarios.
Product Features
Efficient data backup
Automatic snapshot strategy or manual method to deal with the risk of data loss or errors. At the same time, using snapshot capability can achieve batch rapid disk creation.
AI Ecosystem
Greater Object Service
Application Scenario
Multimedia data processing
For scenarios with massive amounts of user-generated content, the high concurrency capabilities of the object storage service can flexibly cope with large-traffic business scenarios. You can perform data processing on stored pictures, audio and video files.
Massive data support
In-depth optimization and tuning is carried out for massive data and high concurrency scenarios, and the conversion of object storage access protocol to HDFS protocol is realized. Users can obtain better reading and analysis performance, stronger stability and better scalability.
Web3 Decentralized Storage
Hundreds of Gbps high throughput writing efficiency, high-frequency random read guarantee, and decentralized multi-copy data storage mechanism design reliably ensure that data content can be quickly obtained anywhere and at any time around the world.
Backup and archive
High-availability and high-availability storage solutions are used to back up and archive users' critical data. Users can set different access permissions and levels to ensure data access security.
Product Advantages
High reliability
The industry-leading erasure code storage technology provides stable data reliability. Replica redundancy across data centers ensures ultra-high availability of services
Data intellectualization
It works closely with GH cloud model training and reasoning products to provide standard high-speed access, which optimizes massive data high-speed reading and writing scenarios for machine learning and model fine-tuning and reasoning
Easy to expand
By using GH Cloud's object storage service, there is no upper limit to the storage space and there is no need to worry about expansion issues. It can achieve elastic scalability of storage needs, thereby improving business flexibility
Low cost
No upfront investment is required. GH Cloud Object Storage provides the convenience of on-demand usage and payment, effectively avoiding waste of storage and bandwidth resources
Product Features
Data processing
Support common processing and analysis capabilities of multimodal pictures, videos, CSV and other data, and provide more intelligent object storage.
Product Features
Data access
For different data access scenarios, provide rich API interfaces and tools for customers to use, support server upload and client direct transmission, and provide accelerated services.
Product Features
Deep archive storage
The lowest-priced, highly reliable deep archival data storage service is suitable for business scenarios with real-time data access and low read frequency (such as enterprise data backup, monitoring data, cloud storage applications, etc.).