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AI Investment Potential
The essence of high-tech is to efficiently convert energy. The principle is to change natural phenomena based on scientific knowledge and transform energy to meet human needs.
The earliest high technology of human beings 1 million years ago
Internal combustion engine
The symbol of the industrial revolution invented 160 years ago
Electric motor
The icon of the electrical revolution invented 150 years ago
In 2023, the starting point of artificial general intelligence
The essence of economic development lies in technological progress. Each new round of new technology will create a huge demand for infrastructure, a large number of investment opportunities will emerge, and a huge increase in wealth will be generated.
New Infrastructure
Investment Opportunities & Create Massive Wealth
Electric Motor
Opportunities for increasing wealth in the AI ​​era
Investment in AI infrastructure is growing rapidly
According to IDC, investment in generative AI infrastructure is expected to increase to approximately 10 times the 2022 level by 2026, reaching approximately $6.274 billion. Total investment in overall AI infrastructure is expected to reach approximately $11 billion.
Initial infrastructure investments are for training generative AI models, but inferencing (taking the model into production) will catch up quickly
The most critical infrastructure capability in the development of AI is computing power
Provide supercomputing platform, bare metal, model training and reasoning, file storage, object storage
The training cost of a model with 1 trillion parameters is estimated to be about 300 million US dollars, while the number of parameters of ChatGPT-3 is about 175 billion.

Cost alone is expected to consume about $50 million.
The speed of AI development depends on computing power, and the need for computing power will continue to grow exponentially.

Having computing resources will give people a competitive advantage and influence in the future.
Invest in
, the potential is unlimited
The most critical infrastructure capability in the development of AI is computing power