AI Ecosystem
Unlimited supply of GPU computing resources for Artificial General Intelligence Innovation
Bare Metal
are now available on-demand
Greater Heat offers NVIDIA A100/H100s Tensor Core GPU Bare Metal Servers
Product Advantages
Superior computing performance
No virtualization overhead, no resource contention, with full physical machine characteristics, supports high bandwidth, low latency Web3 and traditional cloud storage, cloud network.
Safe and reliable
Customer-exclusive resources, supporting VPC, security group isolation, host security, hard disk backup recovery, etc.
Rapid Delivery
Supports minute-level delivery, elastic expansion, and fully automated deployment and operation.
Application Scenario
High Performance Computing
For high computation, high throughput scenarios, the internal network exceeds 100G network, bringing a low-latency performance experience.
Big Data
Collect, store, analyze, search, and mine massive amounts of data to discover its inherent value. It is suitable for historical data statistics, interactive queries, precise marketing, fraud detection, social network analysis etc.
Generative AI
Provide MaaS (Model as a Services) based development and deployment model computing power requirements, provide model training, inference services guarantee.